A few weeks ago I was having this intense discussion with a friend about the relevance of blogs in 2017. And it got me thinking… are blogs still relevant? As I’ve mentioned it in my manifesto, I used to have a blog. I had one for many years. It was pretty much filled with teenage drama, me complaining about high school (boy was I wrong ha), advocating for human rights and so on. I realise that the world was different in 2008.

Social Media platforms were not much of a thing ten (yes, you read that right, 10!) years ago. Sure, facebook existed, but not really, at least not in the form we’ve grown used to (if only they’d stop changing it every other day…), twitter was just coming out and it was pretty much dead, for God’s sake, I was tweeting with 10 people… and it was nothing relevant, and Instagram was not even a thing. But bloggers, wow you could not get enough. From blogging about food to blogging about sports and books, there was a blog for EVERYTHING. RSS feeds were a thing people started religiously using, and having your coffee in front of your PC while reading your feed was a tradition.

However, ten (again, you’ve read that right) years later and I’m following less and less blogs, and the ones I religiously follow are fandom ones (don’t judge me…). I now follow a bunch of people calling themselves “bloggers” on various Social Media platforms. Personally, I think bloggers transitioned to other platforms not only because they have realised that people had stopped reading (at least not like they used to), but also because new mediums and opportunities presented to them. To be honest, I find myself having less and less time to read, and when I do, I prefer books.

What I actually had in mind with this long introduction was to officially re-launch the STC blog! What will you find here? Oh, just the occasional blog post made by yours truly, or the other members of the STC, as well as some guest posts by our trainees! Wait, you’d love to write but you don’t really know what to write about? No worries, it doesn’t have to be that complicated. You can write about how you got to the EP, or about your plans after the traineeship, or about any other things you may like to share with your fellow trainees! A-N-Y-THING!

Laura was so kind to be the first one to submit a post for us. Thank you Laura! You can read her post here. I hope her interesting story inspires you and will make you submit your own!

Enough from me, I actually have a lot to do…

See you around,
Alice Ciofu

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