Plux madness

Every Thursday the square in front of the EP, Place du Luxembourg known also as Plux, becomes the stage for no-stop happy hour and parties. For EU Trainees this is a inevitable step to enter the social life and the nightlife of Brussels.

Three good reasons to go to Plux



This is a good place to get to know new people in a less formal and more dynamic environment, especially at the beginning of your traineeship. 



Many of those working at the European Parliament and other European institutions in the proximity gather around Place Lux. Don’t underestimate this opportunity.


Happy hour

From 6 pm to 7 pm in most bars and venues around the square you pay one beer and you get two. Hurry up after work: don’t get stucked in the queue, start the happy hour.

Discover all the cool areas in town


Les Halles Saint-Géry serve as a restaurant, cafe-bar, a venue for exhibitions and other cultural events as well as the location of the Brussels Vintage Market. It’s a great spot to soak up the sun and enjoy a Belgian beer in a vibrant atmosphere.


Flagey is a culture house devoted to music and the moving image. Located on the edge of the Flagey square and next to the Ixelles ponds, this venue is the crossroad of artistic disciplines and Erasmus nightlife. Don't miss it.

St. Catherine

A well-suited match of old style and new vibes, located just a stone’s throw from the Grand Place, it is a paradise for seafood lovers and for those who are looking for a lively and alternative spot in the heart of the city.


No wonder beer lovers around the world love this place: with more than 2,000 beers from around the globe, Delirium Café holds the Guinness World Records for the number of beers available for tasting. Quench your thirst.


The former botanical gardens provide the unique location for this stylish cultural centre and are a great place to relax. Concerts are held in the intimate surroundings of its eight spaces and multipurpose halls.


Bozar is something different, an irreverent, eclectic, challenging fine arts centre, a mirror image of the city itself. It offers offbeat exhibitions, classical concerts, world music and film festivals.

Enjoy a free walking tour of the city

This is a good way to get to know new persons and new things about Brussels. Check the agenda, there are tours starting almost everyday in front of the tower of City Hall on Grand Place.

Find a conversation buddy and
boost your linguistic skills!

Practice listening, improve your pronunciation and learn to speak a foreign language: these are all things that you can achieve during your staying in Brussels due to the multiculturality of the city.