As a capital many times over (of the federal state, of the French Community of Belgium, of the Flemish Community and of the Brussels-Capital Region), Brussels is also the political and administrative capital of the European Union. It is also a city of history, art and culture, as well as an important center for technology.

Have a look at the best websites to get familiar with the city is the Brussels tourist agency. Its mission is to bolster and spread the image of the Brussels Capital Region.

Brussels is a city full of history, art, culture, science and so much more! All around the city it’s plenty of museums of different sectors.

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The ingredients that makes Brussels such a cool mix

Multicultural city

With 180 nationalities and 100 languages spoken, Brussels is the second most cosmopolitan city in the world, as 62% of its residents were born in a different country or have a migration background.

Full of opportunities

Most job vacancies in Brussels are for highly skilled workers in the services sector such as finance, international businesses, estate agencies, education, public health and social services.

Crossroad of Europe

Along the time more and more European institutions have been established in the Brussels-Capital Region, which has created a European neighbourhood in the heart of the city.

Vibrant and dynamic

Brussels culture is in perpetual motion: exhibitions to glance at, forums and shows for all tastes, traditional markets and great flea market bargains, conferences for those who like debate and ideas.

Beers, fries and waffles

After you’ve tried this, you won’t be able to do without it: delicious frites have to be double fried, and the classic waffle comes with a snowfall of icing sugar. Without forgetting some of the best beers in the world.

Environmentally friendly

The city is full of parks and green areas that contribute to make better the quality of life. Public transport is really efficient and there are a lot of sharing mobility services like electric scooters and electric bikes.