What is the Schuman Trainees Committee?

The Schuman Trainees’ Committee (STC) is an internal body of the European Parliament that is composed by five elected Robert Schuman Trainees. They represent the interest of their colleagues and organise various professional and social activities to enrich the traineeship experience

We work for your future

Many workshops, careers events, training sessions and conferences with some big organizations are organized during the year under the supervision of the STC. This in order to facilitate trainees future opportunities.

We take care of your social life

When moving to a different city and in a new working environment, making friends is not always easy. STC organizes lots of social events and activities that make great the time of the traineeship.

We raise trainees’ voice

If you want to give an insight of a topic, underline a specific issue or simply describe your experience as a trainee, you can contact the STC in order to publish an article inside our blog.

The board in office

Cristiana Marques

General coordinator

Stephan Raab

Administration coordinator

Eleonora Febbe

Communication coordinator

Martina Giannarelli

Careers coordinator

Samantha Bernasovska

Events coordinator

Participate actively in the
subcommittes and boost your CV

The subcommittees are smaller committees that come under the supervision of each of the STC Coordinators. These subcommittees are completely up to the current trainees, but generally there are some which tend to be formed each time.


This subcommittee is the one responsible for the coordination of careers events, in order to facilitate the contacts between trainees and organizations after the traineeship.


Do you get excited about organizing memorable parties, international dinners and sport activities? This is then the right subcommittee for you if you want to be in the center of the storm.


If you want to be involved in the creation of media and digital contents choose this subcommittee: social media management, radio, video production, podcasts and a lot more is waiting for you.

Do you wanna be part of one of the subcommittes? Send us an email specifying your name, surname and the subcommittee's name you would like to be active in.