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Courage and Vélo

A Schuman trainee encounters Brussel traffic on two wheels by Sanja Banjeglav My devotion to city biking could be described

Trainees of the EU

Text by Rosalinda Whybrow. Photo by Nadim Baker. Charlotte Eide from Norway is 24 years old. Before going to university,

Trainees of the EU

Text by Nadim Baker. Photo by Anglea Cammarota. “Ukraine is a European nation. We are situated in Europe. Our culture

Trainees of the EU

Text by Nadim Baker. Photo by Rosalinda Whybrow. “A highly qualified generation of young people moves to Brussels every year

Trainees of the EU

“I have always been interested in human behavior. That’s why I decided to study psychology. There are so many stimuli

25% of MEP trainees

The STC has joined an initiative by the Youth Intergroup urging President Tajani to introduce binding guidelines for internships in

The Era of Robot

By Iliana Koutoulakou - The EU Parliament is about to make history by discussing the first ever legislation worldwide especially focused

Life as a Schuman

by Adrián García-Esteve - Working in the European Parliament for the last five months has been both challenging and exciting,

What is Schuman Traineeship?

The goal of the Schuman traineeships is to contribute to EU citizens’ European education and vocational training and to provide an insight into the work of the European Parliament. It is a paid traineeship in the different Directorates-General that every day carry on the work which allow the European Parliament to operate serenely.

Personal growth

Working in an highly multicultural environment and next to highly qualified officers is a good opportunity of boosting your CV, skills and your professional career. 

EU Network

As a trainee you will get to live inside the EU system and experience in first person which kind of tasks and activities support the European Parliament in its functioning. 


During the traineeship you’ll investigate many opportunities, since you will get to know many professionals from different sectors and interact with a wide number of agents.


No, the European Parliament does not accept spontaneous applications. The European Parliament is open to applications for traineeships twice a year:

– in November, for traineeships starting in March and ending in July;
– in June, for traineeships starting in October and ending in February.

You need a university degree awarded on completion of at least three years of studies. You must have obtained your diploma at least three months before the first day of your traineeship.

No. While we shortlist several candidates for each traineeship offer, we can only offer the post to one of these candidates. If the first shortlisted candidate rejects the offer, fails to respond by the deadline set or is not eligible for the post, the next shortlisted candidate on the list will be contacted, and so on.

No. Given that we receive a large number of applications, the Traineeships Sector cannot notify candidates why their applications have not been accepted. The Traineeships Sector can neither inform candidates where they have not been shortlisted, nor can it advise candidates how to submit better applications in the future

You can look inside our Accomodation section: you will find some good research tools and some general information about living in Brussels.